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Why do I Need an Automatic Watch Winder?

An automatic watch winder mimics the movement of your wrist by rotating the automatic watch. When your automatic watch is placed inside our watch winder box, with every rotation of the watch winder, the rotor inside your watch will rotate as well and increased its' stored power.

If you have more than 1 automatic watch, you will most likely find that your watch stops running after several days of non-use. Watches that are left dead for extended periods of time will have their internal gears' lubricant dry up which will damage the watch. With an automatic watch winder case, your automatic watches will always keep ticking!

Best Watch Winder for Automatic Watch Collectors

House Of Winders Limited sells 3 brands of watch winders: BillStone, BillStone PD, and Milford watch winders. These rotating watch box and watch winder safe are especially designed for high-end automatic watch that require precision winding in order to optimally maintain the watches. Place your automatic watch inside our watch rotator and never have to reset your watch again!

Watch Winders That do not Damage Your Watch

There are watch winders that do more harm than good. These self winding watch boxes rotates your mechanical watch more than they need to, and radiates strong magnetic fields. 

Our rotating watch case only rotates your watches for several minutes at a time, rest, and rotate again. This mimics the natural movement that a mechanical watch undergoes while being worn on your wrist, and prevent over-winding. Some models also have digital control panel that lets you choose how many rotations the watch spinner rotates per day. 

Our spinning watch case are also engineered with negligible magnetic radiation, and with the motors as far away from the watch as possible. This is why our watch winders are bigger than other watch winder boxes, because of the distance from the motors to the watch. Keep your automatic watches safe and well-maintained with our watch winder.