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Watch winder is commonly used by watch lovers to keep their watch runs well. There are some watch winders available in the market and ready to use. The problem is that not all of them are considered as the right or the best watch winder. So, before buying the wrong watch winder, it is better to learn how to choose the right watch winder. The list below will show to you how and hopefully it helps you to find the best one just like what you want. 

Buy a Watch Winder Based On the Amount of Watches Collection 

Before buying the right watch winder, it is good to calculate how many watches you have at home. By knowing the total of the watches, you can decide what type of watch winder you have to buy. For your information, this device comes with various designs and it is able to hold from one watch up to 32 automatic watches. Think about a few weeks or months later. Do you think that you will buy new automatic watches again? Just consider about this question to determine the right watch winder you should buy. 

Consider the Features of the Watch Winder 

It is stated above that watch winder comes in various designs including various features. So, which one of the best watch winder you need to buy? What you need to think is whether you will use the features or not. Let say, if you tend to love something simple, you may choose the simple watch winder. You just need to press the button there and everything will be run automatically. If you think that it is too simple for you, you may use the device with more advanced features. In this case, you have to adjust the rotation direction and TPD or Turns per Day. You are the one who decide how many time the watch will be rotated per day. The more advanced the watch winder, the more sophisticated it is. The best one is that you can adjust it specifically just like what you really need.

Decide the Way You Want to Keep Your Watches

Watches collections keep their collection in various ways. There are some collectors who love to safe their watches inside the box. It prevents the watches from dust or dirt. At the same time, it looks cool especially if it is along with unique box. The problem is that there is no power for the watch and it stops working after a few weeks. For those who need better option, you can just keep it on the watch winder. Actually, this device works well to safe the watches from dust and dirty. You can also see the watches without touching them. The most important thing is that the watches running well although you take it there for a few weeks. 

Consider the Place to Keep the Watch Winder

There are two types of watch winders you can buy. Those are a watch winder with cord and cordless. Which one of the best? It depends on the place. If it is full of electricity connection, you may choose the cord watch winder. On the other hand, if it is not, using cordless watch winder will be the best option. 

Consider Whether You Have Quartz Watches or Not 

If you don’t have it, there will be no problem. It will be little bit problem if you have quartz watches on your collection. If you have quartz watch, just make sure that you are using a watch winder with non rotating system. This type of watch winder works for your quartz watches well.