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Elevate 12 - Black Oak

USD 13,400

Dimension H. 755 x W. 610 x D. 315 mm
Capacity 12 watches
Motors 12 (dedicated)
Exterior Finish Black Oak with high gloss, polished lacquer
Interior Finish Black microfiber
Rotation Mode Adjustable turn direction & TPD (turns-per-day)
Accessories Remote control, power adaptor
Power 110-240V adaptor

Shown in video: Milford Elevate - 12 Watch Winders in Black Oak Finish


Milford Elevate

The Milford Elevate is a state-of-the-art watch winder with technology that will captivate its viewers. To access the watch winder, press a button on a remote control and the watch winder will automatically raise up. LED lightswill slowly illuminate to give a dramatic effect to the raising motion.

To close the watch winder, press a button on the remote control and it will automatically retract itself downwards, keeping your watches out of reach.

12 winder motors on the Milford Elevate are controlled by a single control panel with advanced programming options.


Control Panel

A control panel lets you customize the turn direction and TPD (turns per day) of each winder according to your watch’s specific requirement. An automatic watch that is winded correctly can maintain the accuracy and lifetime of the watch’s mechanism.


Drawer Organization

Organize your watches, straps, and accessories in this pull-out drawers with specially designed slots. The drawer interiors are lined with ultra-soft suede that protects your valuables from scratches.

LED Lights

LED lights that illuminate gradually gives a dramatic to the Milford Elevate when it raises up.


Powered by 110-240V adaptor.