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Panera 10 - Walnut

Normal Price
USD 640
USD 319

Dimension H. 165 x W. 384 x D. 302 mm
Weight 3 kg
Capacity 10 watches
Exterior Finish Matte Walnut Finish
Interior Finish Black velvet

Milford Panera

The Panera Watch Box by Milford is a must have for watch collectors. This watch box has a contemporary style design, with Matte Walnut Wood finish, Stainless Steel, and a touch of Acrylic. This beautiful watch box does not only act as a watch storage, but also as a decoration piece for your room.


Watch Pillow

The watch pillows are lined with high quality black velvet that is very soft and friendly to leather, rubber, silicon straps, and also stainless steel, gold, ceramic, titanium watch bands. The material is designed to protect your watch from scratches and oxidation.



The watch box is packaged nicely in a gift box - making it suitable for gift givings.